I am a mom to three little ones, 5 and under. Days are filled with chaos, laughter, tears and silliness.  So many moments, so many memories.  More than I'll ever be able to remember.  At night I find myself looking back on photos from the day or even recent weeks. Each photo I pass over, I take a second to savor the moment. A moment that passed so quickly at the time the image was captured.  I've heard it said, "The days are long but the years are short".  I feel that already.  Some days I wish I could slow it all down, go back in time even. I clearly can not, but what I can do is the next best thing... take photos.  I am passionate about capturing moments and freezing time. I am passionate about creating something that gives you the ability to relive moments or times in your life that would otherwise fly by. That is what a single picture has the ability to do. An opportunity to return to fresh love, first steps, baby giggles, milestones and celebrations worth remembering. 

It is my children that have driven me to pursue this passion, but it wasn't stumbled upon.  some of my earliest memories consist of time spent with my dad in the "dark room" of my childhood home where he developed his photographs.  My dad, a commercial photographer is the reason I have been able to turn this passion into a reality as he has taught me almost everything I know about photography. I am forever thankful to them, along with my husband who has supported this beautiful endeavor. 


Here are a few special moments frozen in time of my family.  I  hope to capture some of yours...


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